We have incomplete data, and we need your help

Fraternal greetings to all regular Freemasons everywhere. Happy Thursday!

Stop Masonic Discrimination has a data problem. Our vision is to create the most comprehensive, public repository of data on discrimination in Freemasonry. Listed prominently on the homepage is our Discrimination by Obedience and Jurisdiction page, which includes the data we’ve been able to acquire from public sources. We have updated the table headers and data to more clearly articulate discrimination on a state-by-state basis. But we need help: we do not know all there is to know about where discrimination occurs in Freemasonry, nor on what bases. Many of the fields in our tables are blank, and this is because we just don’t know the status of these Masonic civil rights concerns in those jurisdictions.

If you have time and interest to collect data, all data that can be synthesized and corroborated is useful in this endeavor. Please contact us at masonicdiscrimination@proton.me. We are working on an anonymous form that can be filled out, but in the meantime email is the fastest, simplest mechanism to contact us. Stop Masonic Discrimination will never share your story or personal information without your consent.

To those of you who have already reached out with data, thank you! We have updated our tables to reflect what we have received.