Appeal of Strasbourg

The Sovereign Masonic Powers gathered in Strasbourg on January 22nd, 1961.


  1. That it is imperative to restore among all Freemasons the Chain of Union broken by deplorable debarments contrary to Anderson’s Constitution of 1723,
  2. That, for this purpose, it is important to seek together the conditions which determine the quality of Freemasonry, taking into account all traditions, all Rites, all symbols, all beliefs and in the respect of absolute freedom of conscience,


That the fact of invoking the Grand Architect of the Universe, and of requiring that one of the Three Lights be the Sacred Book of a revealed religion should be left to the assessment of each Lodge and of each Obedience.


To establish fraternal relations between themselves and to open the doors of their Temples -without condition of reciprocity- to any Freemason (man or woman) having received the Light in a just and perfect Lodge, provided that the Masonic specificity of the Lodge or of the Obedience allows for these visits.


To all Freemasons to join this Chain of Union based on a total freedom of conscience and a perfect mutual tolerance.